Delivering Comprehensive Solutions
for Strengthening Your Online Identity

Throughout and following your online experience with us, our proficient team is dedicated to providing consistent technical support.


87% of websites have high or medium cybersecurity risks

We at Devyio provide professional technical support and maintenance to ensure the security and improvement of your online presence. Our team is dedicated to promptly solving any issues that may arise and hinder your customers from accessing your services. 

Our technical support service in Bangladesh includes Page Speed Optimization, Security Checking (Owasp top 10), CMS Bug Solving, Analytics Reports, Codebase Backup, Database Backup, SEO snippet, Uptime Monitoring, Technical Consultation, and Content Updates. We understand that every business has unique requirements; hence, we offer advice and guidance on the services that best suit your needs.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and our relationship with our clients does not end after deployment. We are committed to providing innovative solutions that guarantee top-notch technical support services in Bangladesh and globally.



In today’s competitive market, businesses need technical support and maintenance for all their digital needs to thrive. Let us work together to create a successful online journey for you.


When potential customers visit your website, it serves as their initial impression of your business. Unfortunately, if pages take too long to load or images fail to display correctly, it can lead to a loss of trust in your company. To avoid this scenario, it’s essential to optimize your web page performance. At Devyio, we recognize the significance of your time, which is why we provide web page performance optimization services. Our goal is to reduce load times and enhance your digital impact.


In digital marketing, tracking your users to gain better control over them and learn if they dislike your advertising ideas is essential. Analyzing the data also explains why visitors leave your website quickly, spend little time on a specific page, or fail to take desired actions. As a reliable technical support provider in Bangladesh, Devyio offers comprehensive analytical services that strategically evaluate and optimize your data. This will help you make informed decisions for your business.


Did you know that more than 50,000 websites are hacked every day? This is a significant concern for website security. If a website is hacked, it can lose up to 98% of its traffic. Even worse, a data breach can result in a lawsuit. It is crucial to have a robust security system to protect your website from damaging its reputation, finances, and intellectual property. Our support team offers reliable website security services in Bangladesh to safeguard against malware, spoofing, data exploitation, and hacking threats.


It is of utmost importance for any IT business to have a reliable backup of its codebase as it is the fundamental building block for its entire operations. Our team of highly skilled technical specialists understands the gravity of this matter. Therefore, we maintain a minimum of thirty days’ worth of backup for both the codebase and the database. This ensures your business is always well-prepared for unforeseen events or setbacks. Furthermore, we make it a priority to regularly monitor and optimize the codebase and database to ensure that your site or application runs seamlessly and uses minimal memory, which, in turn, results in faster performance.


Starting with a search engine is essential for 93% of online experiences.

Therefore, SEO cannot be overlooked in digital marketing. It is the key to ranking your website higher on search engines like Google, which results in increased visibility, an elevated position, and a greater likelihood of conversion or sale.

Our technical support and maintenance provide on-site SEO benefits that enhance websites by boosting credibility and optimizing advertising strategy.


Modern businesses cannot escape the necessity of digital transformation and the latest technology.

However, implementing these technologies can create complex challenges. Our team of technical consultants is just a phone call away to help you overcome these obstacles. Our experts can guide you through pitfalls like dead-end technology or poorly implemented systems.

We customize strategies that align with your business objectives and identify the right technology solutions to address your most pressing challenges, regardless of industry. Essentially, we offer the most effective web maintenance service in Bangladesh.